We moved again! hello jekyll, bye tumblr

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After 5 years of using tumblr, and tumblr getting to mess with all my bash and code scripts in undescriptible ways I have decided to move into jekyll based blogging.

The theme is a very nice MIT licensed theme (HPSTR).

And you can find the source code to this blog here: https://github.com/mangelajo/ajo-es/

I went back from hosted at tumblr.com to hosted at home, produly on an RDO OpenStack instance I have which also serves other projects, the projects are managed in Ansible thank’s to the openstack ansible modules.

A front instance based on my pet project nginx-master takes care of: reverse proxying each domain/project into it’s VM/container/whatever, DKIM/SMTP configuration on DNS records and IP address changes.

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